Leaflet, Ionic 3 and “Map container is already initialized”

When developing the new Unit app interface we decided on a map to fill the entire back of the home view. Allowing a user to see their entire surrounding area with calls and other markers. But we ran into quite a few issue where navigation would kill the map with “Map container is already initialized” error.

2018-07-01 10_23_25-Resgrid Unit

The map was being declared like this:

2018-07-01 22_07_45-● home.ts - Unit - Visual Studio Code

I tried moving the initialization to every part of the Ionic View Lifecycle events and the Angular events without fixing the issue. I implemented cleanup code and even tried clearing and recreating the DOM all without completely fixing the issue. What eventually fixed the issue was instead of passing in a string for that first map param (the id of the html element) pass in the actual element:

2018-07-01 22_08_14-● home.ts - Unit - Visual Studio Code

2018-07-01 22_07_59-home.html - Unit - Visual Studio Code

It’s important on your HTML to have the #map (or whatever you want to reference the element as inside you code). Then you can create a ViewChild in there with that name inside your controller:

2018-07-03 08_05_55-home.ts - Unit - Visual Studio Code

After that no more issues, no cleanup code needed, no hooking into multiple lifecycle events.

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