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The Programming Career Path

I just read ITWorld’s quick blog titled “Is Programming a Lucrative Profession” which focus on salary, benefits and stability. All of which are incredibly valuable and important to cover. But to me lucrative can mean different things. As a person who loves learning, challenging intellectual work and a laid back professional environment professional programming fits
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EULA and You

An End User License Agreement or Software Agreement is a legal agreement that will accompany your software when it is distributed on the Internet. Recently I’ve been spending a fair amount of time on EULA’s and the topics come up a few times. Although I think their legality is still in question, as I don’t
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The Billion Dollar Idea

I recently sat in a presentation for a cool new idea, it was well thought out and presented fairly well. As a business owner and entrepreneur myself I was interested in the business side of the idea more then the technical side, even though the technical side was very interesting as well. When I hear
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