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From Closed to Open Source Tips

It’s a difficult decision to open source a once closed source project. Even a project that you’ve intended to open source once it was more complete has a very heavy burden. For me, the biggest burden is not the code, or the associated IP or anything like that, it’s if the service is still on-going
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vNext will be so much better

I’m an optimist for the most part. I stay upbeat and try not to let much get me down. I feel it’s important for a team to have a generally positive vibe as negativity breeds negativity and turns into a vicious cycle that’s difficult to break out of.     But where my optimistic side
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Good nuf’ development

I’ve been called a Copy/Paste Coder and a Duct Tape Developer more then a few times over my career. For some those are derogatory terms, for me they are just part of who I am. But know that those are part of me also doesn’t mean I’m not a Software Craftsmen. Most of work in
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